For physiotherapists

This platform is designed to help you as a physiotherapist in your treatment of patients with cervical dystonia. It consists of an external public page available on computer, tablet and smartphone and an internal closed page, addressed to physiotherapists, available only on computer. The latter contains over a hundred different exercises for cervical dystonia with descriptive text and 3D models, providing both an exercise bank in your treatment and the opportunity to design home training programmes. The platform is easy to use and has handy guiding filter functions. This way, with basic knowledge of cervical dystonia, you can, after examining the patient, design a suitable personalised home training programme, which will be accessible to the patient through a randomised personal code. For those who do not feel comfortable with digital, there is an option to print it in paper. As a physiotherapist, you need to register to access the exercises, which is done through a form available under the heading "Physio registration" on the top menu. The registration must then be approved by the project owner Johanna Blom, after which you will receive login details via email. If you haven't received an email response within two days, check your spam folder.