About us

This platform is aimed at physiotherapists with the aim of providing a large exercise bank for patients with cervical dystonia through digital benefits and simplifying the design and delivery of home exercise programmes.

The project owner is Johanna Blom, Physiotherapist Neurological Department, Skåne University Hospital, Malmö in Sweden. In addition to long clinical experience with patients with cervical dystonia, Johanna has also held many workshops and lectures in Sweden and Northern Europe on the subject and has written a book, "Muskler i obalans - cervikal dystoni and spasticitet". 

The platform is developed and managed in collaboration with Dystonia Europe, the European Dystonia Patient Association, and its IT expert Eelco Uytterhoeven. 

Jean-Pierre Bleton, PhD, physiotherapist, clinical researcher, Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation Hospital, Paris, France, has laid the foundations for much of the physiotherapy for dystonia patients. He contributed early on to this platform, and together with the other experts in the international group, has now made possible the launch of the platform in Europe. Other members of the international group are Ana Useros-Olmo (Spain), Heike Unger (Germany), Joost van der Dool (Netherlands), Martina Steinboeck (Germany), Martine Pereira (UK) and Monika Benson (CEO Dystonia Europe).

The cost of developing the platform has been paid for by funds from the Boston Scientific Foundation Europe, and is therefore free to the user and will not be a burden on the health care system.