For patients

Exercises are important for people with cervical dystonia to correct the position of the head, facilitate movement and reduce tension and pain. By seeking out and be assessed of a physiotherapist with knowledge of dystonia, you can receive an individually tailored home exercise programme on this platform. Your physiotherapist will give you a personal code, which you enter in the box below, and press the "My Exercises" button.  This will open your home exercise programme, available on computer, tablet and smartphone. Each exercise consists of descriptive text and 1-2 models. For those who prefer to have the programme on paper, it can be printed by clicking on the pdf icon.

For physiotherapists

This platform is designed to help you as a physiotherapist in your treatment of patients with cervical dystonia. As a physiotherapist you can create exercise programs for your patients in an easy way. For this you need to register and before registering, you can view a demo program. Read more

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The demo consists of a training programme with three more general exercises, and aims to give you as a patient, physiotherapist or for other reasons interested insight into what a training programme in the platform can look like.  The exercises in the demo are not suitable for all types of dystonia, and cannot replace an individually tailored training programme, which is created and downloaded through the platform.

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